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What We Do

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Our Process

We acquire and manage multi-family apartment complexes in Southwest Ohio and Northwest Georgia with a focus on adding value while providing strong, consistent returns for our investors.

How We Do This

Raising Capital: Through the relationships we have developed, we raise capital from sophisticated investors who are seeking the diversification and wealth opportunities that come from investing in real estate. We bring the various investors together as members of a limited liability company, where their capital can be pooled to acquire an investment property. We also work with various lenders to ensure we are getting the most advantageous loan package for our investors.

Acquiring Property: Through our network of commercial real estate brokers and other investors in the industry, we find and identify properties that meet our investment criteria that will provide strong returns and added wealth for our investors. During the due diligence process, we use our unique skills and experience to identify opportunities to create value where many cannot. Using our creativity, we develop strategies around these opportunities to both increase revenue and reduce expenses, which both directly increase the value of the investment.

Manage the Property: Once the property is acquired, we begin implementing the strategies developed during due diligence. We hire and oversee industry-leading property management companies to oversee the day-to-day operations of the property, including leasing and maintenance. We work closely with the property management companies to ensure the property is performing as we projected. With transparency as one of our core values, we provide each of our investors with a quarterly investor package that includes the financial and operational performance of the property along with their quarterly distribution.

Exiting the Investment: At some point, investors often like to have their capital returned to them so they can realize their investment gains and use the proceeds to invest in another property acquisition. At the beginning of each investment we work with the investors to gain an understanding of what they hope to get out of the investment, and we develop an exit strategy for the investment to work toward. Potential exit strategies include, but are not limited to, selling or refinancing the property and returning capital or selling the property and reinvesting the proceeds into another acquisition via an IRC 1031 exchange, which defers the taxes on the gain. Our team, along with our trusted advisors, will work to execute the exit strategy that is most advantageous for our investors.

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